The Europe Bridge.

Chongqing Expressway Project - Horizontal Line.

Panel Bridge at Semmering Base Tunnel.

The Dubai Floating Bridge.

The Fly-Over-Ramps.

Modular Bridges for Indonesia.

Rehabilitation and Improvements of Road In The North-Western Province.

Rehabilitation and Improvements of Road In Sri Lanka.

Asphalt Concrete For Construction.

Quarry Operations and Aggregate Production.

Diesel Generator Power Plant.

Rethe Bascule Bridge.

Modular Bridges In Ghana.

Bascule Bridge.

Conceptual design, LEED-Certified Facilities.

Visual assessment of roof systems, walls & floors.

Project gallery

Hurvitz Engineering Company has handle constructed bridges in various part of Middle East, Asia, Europe, America and Africa. To view our project gallery, Click Here.